Sandstorm is my favorite.

Sandkit never dreamed she'd mate a kittypet,let alone one that stole prey from ThunderClan without knowing cats lived there. Sandkit was a quiet kit,but soon Bluestar turned her to Sandpaw. Soon,a patrol arrived. "Kittypet!On the border! Well,near our border! Stalking mice!" Longtail burst into camp,Whitestorm at his side."The poor young one did not realize it was being watched or that it would be driven out soon. It was the same flame-colored kittypet you see,Bluestar!" ThunderClan's leader stalked over. "Whitestorm,Lionheart,Graypaw," Bluestar ordered. "Come.We need to talk. It seems like this kittypet problem came be solved." Sandpaw secretly fell in behind Bluestar. Sandpaw stiffened quitely. The bushes ruffled. "Sandpaw?" Whitestorm turned. Sandpaw  leaped headfirst into the bushes. Soon Sandpaw peeked out of the nettles. They poked her fur. She crawled out and peeked in of the lichen. It dident make a rustle. Thank StarClan! Sandpaw listened. "Spottedleaf and me found a sign:Fire Will Save Our Clan. I think it means bringing the flame-colored kittypet into our Clan until he has proven himeslf." "Are you sure,Bluestar?" Lionheart mewed. "Oh,sorry Bluestar.Spottedleaf never lies." Bluestar dipped her head. "Whitestorm,Lionheart.Stay alert,". She turned to Graypaw. "Graypaw,watch. Meet this kittypet at the right time,and StarClan hope he does not take flight.Now go," Sandpaw soon forgot all about this flame-colored kittypet,now Firestar. But as soon as Rusty arrived,a world of Sandpaw tormenting with Dustpaw. Soon,to newly-named Sandstorm's suprise,Tigerclaw almost killed Bluestar. By this time Sandstorm even kind of liked Fireheart,the not-newly-named old Rusty. Sandstorm watched in horror as a fire rushed on camp,Tigerclaw became leader,and Bluestar died to Tigerstar's delight. Sandstorm borned two kits with Firestar,Leafkit and Squirrelkit,(See Firestar's Quest) And they quickly and quitely were made warriors,Leafpool and Squirrelflight. Leafpool was med cat. Sandstorm was proud of her kits. Her apprentice was Sorrelpaw,Now Sorreltail. Sandstorm was more grief-stricken of death about Firestar more then Bluestar,Guess what! Read what i said about Sandpaw Tormenting Firepaw,saying he was stinky and she dident want to share a nest with him.How imature was she? A lot. Well,Firestar's heart is where her loyalty catches prey. I will add. Sandstorm is a Muscular,Pale ginger,Blue-eyed,Kind-hearted pale she-cat.


Rank:Queen & warrior


Kits:Leafpool & Squirellflight.

Saddest moment: Firestar's death.

Happiest moment:Unknown


Pale ginger she-cat with piercing green eyes.


Siblings: None

Half sister: Ferncloud

Half brother: Ashfur



Sorrelpaw reference by kokoya1223-d4wo000
50 TC Warriors Sandstorm by dog rose
Sandstorm stalking a mouse
Warriors sandstorm by marauderwolf93-d3cqzts