Mothwing is a brave,Slender golden she-cat with blue/green eyes. Lets do the description.




Mother:Sasha-Tawny-colored rogue

Father:Tigerstar-Bloodthirsty tom with a black pelt,muscular shoulders,and unusually long claws.

Siblings:Hawkfrost,Brambleclaw,Tawnypelt. (Kits from different mother are Brambleclaw and Tawnypelt.

Secret:Hawkfrost put a moth wing outside a den so Mothwing could be medicine cat.


Rank:Med cat



Worst predater:Unknown.

Loves:Herbs,The camp,Talking to Leafpool

Dislikes:Hawkfrost,badgers & foxes,evil cats.
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Sasha and tigerstar

Sasha,Tigerstar,Hawkfrost,and Mothwing.

Warriorcats ref 1 by wyethcat-d56derp

Mothwing is a pretty golden she-cat. she had many rough times,and her mothers Sasha.

"Hawk!Gather some moss.We are close to camp!" Sasha's cry awoke Moth. Moth looked around curiously to see eney sign of sunlight. She looked around and yawned. Suddenly,pale light glowed through the hawthorn bush in which was shelter. A fierce amount of thorns fell down after Hawk as he raced out into open Moorland. A light dapple fell beneath Moth,and both cats purred when a stream of it fell after Sasha.She grunted.Soon the Moorland made way to forest. Four stiff trees stood clear and strong. She passed them.She made her way along a path that soon opened up to a bramble bush.Brambles were packed over that. "ThunderClan," she memorized as she padded away. "Squirrelkit,Leafkit!Be quiet!" a pale ginger she-cat was shushing her kits.Moth followed her mom to a stream. Pale light shone off smooth stones.Sasha made a head-first leap and landing head-first in the river,hipping the stone with her legs.After she got out she shook a sprinkler of water off her pelt. Moth made a clumsy leap but managed to land on the light stepping stone.Her flops turned into leaps as she made it to the rain-puddle her mom was standing beside. "Come on,Hawk!" Hawk did strong leaps across the river and wobbled on one step but did a hard thump on the next. Finally Hawk had reached the trail where Sasha 'was padding along. Moth thumped on the ground.Finally she saw the camp.A silver she-cat stood in front of a spotted one. "Mistyfoot," the spotted one said. "Lead Reedfeather and Loudbelly on a patrol." Then Mistyfoot noticed them.And then exitement surged through Moth.Her new home was right in front of her.

Mothwing is very nice.I will add.Goodbye for now!