Whoa,Whoa. Firestar is Clawsome. Don't you dare say he's:



.Mouse-brained fool




.Too softhearted.

Firestar's something called DOPE


Firestar is a Flame-colored,Green eyed,Friendly-to-all tom cat!

Rusty's ordinary.


One night Rusty was finishing his kittypet slop... And in the forest...

A lot of commotion happens,but a secret first. Tigerclaw wants to kill Redtail so he can become leader. Tigerclaw tries urgently to become leader,but it won't happen. Soon, Tigerclaw sees Redtail running up to him. "Tigerclaw!" Well,Tigerclaw killed,with one swift blow,the Clan deputy. A few minuites before, a attack had happened underneath the rocks, Oakheart got killed by a rockfall. Tigerclaw lied that he avenged Redtail's death by killing Oakheart,who he lied killed poor Redtail. Soon after,on top of a hill,the Clan leader,Bluestar,and medicine cat,Spottedleaf, looked at the stars. Suddenly a shooting star flew by. It was a sign, Fire will save our Clan,Spottedleaf relized and said so. Bluestar said it might be impossible,for fire is a enemy to all five Clans. But then the wise Thunderclan leader relized, through her Riverclan-scented,Bloodstained fur,that Spottedleaf never lied. That was Rusty,snug in his den.
Fire Alone Will Save the Clan2 by Warrior cats

Soon,Bluestar sent the Clan's grayest apprentice,Graypaw,to keep his sharp eyes set on Rusty. When the flame-coated tom tried to catch prey in Thunderclan's territory,Graypaw brang him to camp. Bluestar welcomed him to the Clan,after Rusty accepted to join. Longtail called poor Rusty,"Kittypet' and tormented him till Lionheart told Rusty to answer Longtail's question. He did. Longtail purposely snapped the bell-jingling collar of Rusty's off,and his kittypet life sitting by the fire and sleeping in his own tufts of fur went farewell. Rusty got named Firepaw,and the Clan life began!
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Into-the-Wild Warriors Erin-Hunter

In fire and ice,A trap set for Fireheart and Bluesatr by Tigerclaw falls on Cinderpaw,the new apprentice of Fireheart's and she becomes med cat apprentice,Cinderpelt. This happens after WindClan rescue. Then Graystripe's love Silverstream gets let go by Fireheart in battle after evil Tigerclaw watches Fireheart struggle under a tom. Princess's tom kit becomes Cloudpaw.

Forest of secrets

Fireheart becomes a apprentice when he and graystripe feed RiverClan. Soon he discovers secrets:

.Bluestar's kits are Mistyfoot and Stonefur

.Bluestar's mate is Oakheart,the RiverClan former deputy.

.Oakheart gave Mistykit and Stonekit to Graypool.

Whoa! Soon Tigerclaw almost kills Bluestar. Fireheart turns deputy and Silverstream dies having:



Graystripe joins RiverClan.

Rising storm.

Graystripe joins Thunderclan once again. Nightstar reveals at a gathering that Brokentail had been sheltered by ThunderClan. Well i think that was in Forest of secrets. Brackenpaw becomes Brackenfur. A fire arrives unexpectingly and Yellowfang tries to save Halftail and Patchpelt, a couple of elders,but they died. Fireheart rescues Bramblekit from a tree instead of saving Yellowfang. Yellowfang says some ominous words before closing her eyes forever. RiverClan helps ThunderClan. A gathering arrives,and Fireheart replaced Bluestar becuase she breathed in smoke. Fireheart was suprised when he relized the new leader of Shadowclan;Nightstar and Cinderfur died of sickness; was the evil,unloyal-to-Bluestar driven out and exiled cat;Tigerclaw.

The dangerous path.

Fireheart is astonished,and later Runningnose tells Fireheart Nightstar was not rightfully chosen;he did not get his nine lives! Bluestar had a bad mood when she relized Tigerstar was the leader. Spottedleaf showed Fireheart a bunch of dreams about dogs. Soon Bluestar goes mad and calls Fireheart traitor. She thinks its suitable for a traitor to mentor Bramblepaw;the son of tigerclaw. Soon she says the kin of Fireheart,Cloudpaw,is the only loyal cat. He is Cloudtail. Brightpaw and Swiftpaw were jealous of Cloudtail and Swiftpaw died with a dog. Brightpaw became Lostface. Snowkit gets carried away. Tigerstar placed rabbits trailing towards ThunderClan camp;Longtail told but Fireheart dident believe him. It was true. Tigerclaw watched Bluesatr die. (See prologe of "Bluestar's prophecy' and The Dangerous Path)

The darkest hour; (See the last books; The darkest hour on Warriors by erin hunter wikia)

Firestar appeares in severel books. OK,ALOT.
Cinderpaw by xxkawaii rukiaxx-d35yu0y
Bramblepaw by hollyleaf1998-d392anr
Cinderpaw and firestar by azurarazor-d4npmtk

Firestar x sandstorm by lexiiis-d5kq93p
Sandstorm and Firestar mate.